Governance and management structure

Our sustainability is rooted in our approach to shared prosperity within Bytes, which aims to deliver positive impact for customers, colleagues and communities across themes most relevant to our stakeholders and our purpose.

As one of our key value drivers, environmental criteria, includes the energy our operation takes in and the waste it discharges, the resources it needs, and the consequences for living beings as a result. Not least, it encompasses carbon emissions and climate change. As every other company, we use energy and resources and as a results affects, and is affected by, the environment.


Environmental Policy

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Low Carbon Action Plan

Throughout 2023, we have been working with an external consultancy to focus on expanding our knowledge and reporting in Scope 3, which now covers water and paper usage, waste, business travel, employee commuting and our Upstream transport and distribution.

Our Net Zero goal is aligned with Science Based Targets, with our core short term focus being on reducing emissions from transport, whether that be business, commuting or from our suppliers, to work towards our Net Zero target of 2040 and an interim target of 50% reduction in these areas by 2030.

Carbon Reporting 2022-2023

Carbon Reduction Targets

Commitment to achieving carbon Net Zero

Carbon Reduction Plan PPN 06/21 Template

Supply Chain Engagement

Bytes ensures its suppliers are treated fairly and promotes fair commercial arrangements that will ultimately benefit them and our customers. We encourage all suppliers that the products they supply are from ethical sources, and wherever possible are Fairtrade. We only work with responsible partners and suppliers who are regularly assessed and reviewed to ensure that they are competitive, ethical, socially responsible and have excellent quality and environmental practices.

Supplier Code of Conduct