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Our highly-skilled team aims to solve business challenges not merely provision technologies, and our technical analysts ensure you are informed about key innovations in security at every moment. Our service portfolio covers every aspect of information security and risk management, from initial assessment through to programme planning, hands-on deployment and round the clock support.

We deliver practical, actionable advice on security solutions that deliver business value and enable you to deploy them right first time, so they live up to their promises.

Security Solutions

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Modern Network Security

Modern network security solutions must offer multiple attack detection methods and be adaptable to ever-changing threats. Traditional policy based firewall threat detection need to be applied hand-in-hand with IPS, App Control, DLP, Sandboxing & more. We'll show you how.

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Content Security

Data breaches from web and email are on the rise — both in frequency and impact. Speak to Bytes to stay ahead of threats and support productivity on a budget.  A layered approach to content security is our mantra to minimise malware outbreaks and provide improved protection against advanced threats. 

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Data Security

Protecting your company IP and sensitive information from theft or accidental loss is top of the security agenda. But the development of cloud and increased mobility is making this task more difficult. We can help you to secure your data, wherever it resides.

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Application Security

Online agility is vital to stay ahead of your competitors. Your business needs seamless roll-outs of new applications and capabilities. However attacks on business critical applications make up over 50% of breaches in large companies. Get peace of mind that you're protected with Bytes.

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Identity & Access Management

Share more data and applications with partners, customers or remote users in the field - securely. Manage secure access to information and applications across multiple systems and devices, delivering services to users without sacrifices in security. We'll show you how it's done. 

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Security Intelligence

Cyber-attacks happen 24x7.  But how will you know if you're under attack — and what action can you take? Today, organisations need Security Intelligence that can handle a much greater variety and volume of data, quickly identifying and responding to abnormal activity. We'll tell you more.

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Breach and Vulnerability Management

Many attacks exploit known security flaws. We work with leading providers to deploy solutions that discover vulnerabilities and maintain system configurations to secure your environment, while saving you time and money.

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Mobile Security

Are corporate smart-phones, tablets and employee-owned devices now common in your workplace and at the fringes of your enterprise? Speak to Bytes to manage these devices and the sensitive data they access - without affecting employee productivity.

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The relationship with Bytes SP is a long-term strategic one. The whole SP team are not seen as a supplier by, but as an extension of our team.”, Head of Operations

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