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Whether you want a stand-alone licensing healthcheck or you're moving towards asset management - we can establish exactly what you own today. A Bytes Software License Review is the first step towards taking control of licensing across your software estate.

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Customers engage Bytes for a Software License Review to assist with


Comprehensive inventory


Virtual environment map


Product & licensing education


Data collection simplification


Business process improvement


Mergers & acquisitions

Feels like you're wading through treacle? Don't worry. We love treacle

An incomplete picture of your IT estate makes it difficult to:

  • Demonstrate software compliance
  • Ensure software is procured through cost-effective channels
  • Identify assets deployed in your environment that are unknown or unmanaged
  • Improve ROI of Software investment
  • Identify idle systems that are wasting operational resources
  • Make decisions whether to scale on-premises or move to the cloud
  • Meet government and regulatory standards

Our Software License Review can enable you to:

  • Get visibility of software compliance position for key vendors
  • Identify any current or pending compliance risks
  • Strike a balance between optimising system configuration with lowest cost licencing
  • Optimise your hardware and software investments based on accurate and detailed inventory and user data
  • Highlight migration and consolidation opportunities.
  • Align IT with organisational goals

Our 4 Step Process

  • Discover

    The data collection phase consists of the discovery and inventory of software assets using an inventory tool followed by the mapping of inventory data, usage,and licence entitlements. This may include a questionnaire and interviews with key stakeholders to ensure all relevant data and information are collected to provide a full

  • Analyse

    The data analysis phase includes the review and validation of all collected data, the identification of your licence agreements, and analysis of your longterm IT strategy. During this phase, ways to optimise software investments are explored to provide final engagement considerations and recommendations.

  • Access

    Bytes will identify areas where you can optimise your software investments and help you to remain compliant, by assessing whether you are appropriately licensed for your current deployment and usage state, and recommend the best licensing options to align with your future business plans.

  • Manage

    Post review, Bytes can undertake periodic reviews of the business, IT estate and software environment as well as help you to manage the estate in a formal asset management service. This will ensure that the business continues to achieve its desired goals and that investments are being used to best

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